Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to join Satoshi Multiplier?

No, Satoshi Multiplier is a Free Downline Builder. We will teach you how to earn BTC every day and never spend a dime out of pocket.

Does Satoshi Multiplier sell advertising?

No, there are no ads on our site. Satoshi Multiplier is available for everyone to use at no cost. 

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, and there is no advantage or reasons to have more than one account because you cany earn directly from Satoshi Multiplier. You only earn from the portfolio of free to join programs we recommend. We help you build a growing downline in several programs with minimal effort.

Do you support the programs listed in my back office?

If you have support questiosn regarding any of the programs listed in your Satoshi Multiplier back office contact those companies directly for support. If you have support questions regarding how we use these programs or the "Whizpering" strategy reach out to your sponsor or contact Satoshi Multiplier for support.